About Me

My name is Julia Cornwell, I’m currently at the Australian Catholic University completing my Masters in Primary School Education. I’m thoroughly enjoying the course and cannot wait until I can start teaching in my own classroom.

My background is in business management leisure, sport and tourism. Naturally I have a liking towards the outdoors, sport and travel and hopefully I can share this with my students, through creating physical experiences of learning. You must be thinking how is it that a ‘corporate world’ person totally changes careers to education and working with children? The reason is that I have also nannied full and part-time for over 5 years. I found that the work that gave me the most satisfaction and enjoyed was being a part of a child’s life during the more impressionable stages of learning. I am passionate about being the best educator I can be, whilst also shaping and teaching primary students life skills and values.

My teaching philosophy is centred around that we learn most from our mistakes and therefore I would encourage all students to ‘have a go’ at everything. Children in today’s society are so pressured to perform and achieve that they have become fearful of failure. We need to revolutionise teaching so that students become confident individuals even when they maybe unsure of something. Classrooms have also lost the ‘fun’ and ‘creativity’ in learning. As teachers are often time poor, they focus on content the academic outcomes rather than an exciting way of teaching and learning. This is also another reason that we need to revolutionise teaching, to bring the fun back into learning and get in touch with the students of today and discover what makes them excited to learn. The focus of teaching will shift to complement the ‘digital natives’ way of thinking and learning. This shift will see a greater focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the classroom. This change is starting to be seen by education professionals through the reference to teaching strategies to include ICT and other technologies in the NSW Institute of Teachers’ Professional Elements: Element 4 – Aspect 4.1.5 Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to foster interest and support learning.  

I have created this blog as a space for me to expand and broaden my teaching knowledge with other teachers and leaders in primary education and also share my experiences and resources with others. This blog also keeps me in touch with technology, which is a vital competency to have as a current teacher of the generation of ‘digital natives’. Teachers need be knowledgeable of how technology can be used in the classroom learning experience.


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