About This Blog

After only 6 weeks of starting my Masters in Primary Education I have discovered that a large amount of teaching and being a great teacher comes from constant learning, not only from your fellow teachers in your school and local area but from a much broader sphere, domestically and internationally. Resources and learning experiences can be shared from all around the globe using the internet. A blog, the latest social media phenomena, is an excellent way to communicate, share ideas and experiences about teaching.

This blog will not only address teaching strategies and frameworks but also resources to support content base learning to make learning enjoyable for students. My philosophy is that learning is only achieved when the ability to engage in what is being taught is challenging and interesting enough for the participants. Teachers need to be more dynamic in their methods of teaching and I have created a forum here to discuss alternate ways of stimulating learning into the classroom of today. Enjoy!


One response to “About This Blog

  1. Hi Julia Cornwell,

    Thanks for this wonderful blog site ! Got to learn lot. I’m designing edutainment products for touch screen devices. May be i will share some links soon.

    Rajesh Balaji

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