Makers and Shapers

This page is to show the bits and pieces I have stumbled upon that have impacted on the ‘making’ and ‘shaping’ me into a new teacher of the 21st Century.

I found these two really interesting, and quite humorous talks given by Sir Ken Robinson at the ideas conference TED TALKS. He questions the way we are now teaching in classroom and challenges us, as teachers, to bring back creativity into the classroom. He advocates a revolutionisation of educational institution so that we rethink our educational systems that focus on information academia, and encourage creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligences in the classroom.

TED TALKS – 2006

TED TALKS – 2010

Following the theme from the previous two clips, is a new documentary that has just come out called Mrs. Carey’s Concert. Music students and teachers from MLC School, at Strathfield in Sydney were recorded in their rehersals and performace at the Sydney Opera House in 2009.   Although the documentary is a highschool setting, the underlying themes of using students creativity to unlock something in them is very relevant in the primary school setting, Sir Ken Robinson would agree. Whilst the reviews were not great, it is definately one for those in the education field would appreciate. You can see youself in Mrs. Carey’s character, and see the political debates around how education systems go about educating students without considering the diversity of individual learning needs. Below is the trailer. 

This next clip that has shaped me as a 21st century teacher was found on TED TALKS. Mike Matas is the creator of Push Pop Press, a digital publishing company, who has created an application for Apple devices to view books interactively. I see this as the way of the future for introducing technology into learning experiences in the classroom (Element 4 – Aspect 4.1.5 Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to foster interest and support learning). Books will become interactive, stimulating and engaging for ‘digital natives’.  Teachers need to be current with the technology they use in the classroom, such as this, that will engage student learning. Mike Matas mentions at the end that he wants to sell the tool, for reading books interactively, to book publishers. This is the next level up from digital E-book reader. Just wait till it hits the classrooms!

The next video pretty much sums up the idea of ‘digital natives’, it is truly amazing! Learning how to use a computer and technology is pretty much innate in children these days, as highlighted in Sugata Mitra’s studies. Children are engaged in learning by the use of technology and therefore highlights the importance of  Element 4 – Aspect 4.1.5 Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to foster interest and support learning. Who knows, human teachers may become obselete one day….


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